The Ads for Equity program is designed to support innovative startups by providing them with digital advertising support in exchange for equity in their companies. This strategic partnership allows pre-IPO companies with access to valuable advertising resources that can help them accelerate their growth. 

Founders can submit their startup for consideration here.


  1. Application Process: Pre-IPO startups can apply for Ads for Equity by applying here. There is no deadline to apply and applications are reviewed as they are submitted however startups are urged to apply as quickly as possible before our annual funding allocation is exhausted.
  2. Evaluation and Selection: A panel of expert evaluators carefully assesses the applications to identify the most promising startups that align with Ads for our Future’s mission and vision. These evaluations take into account factors such as the startup’s potential for growth and alignment with the organization’s values.
  3. Equity Exchange: Once selected, the successful startups have the opportunity to negotiate an equity exchange arrangement with Ads for our Future. Instead of providing traditional funding, Ads for our Future will provide up to $1,000,000 in digital advertising credits through Topple Ad Network to the chosen startups in return for an equity stake in their company. The exact equity percentage and terms of the exchange are subject to negotiation and mutual agreement between the organization and the startup.
  4. Digital Advertising Campaigns: After finalizing the equity exchange agreement, the startups receive digital advertising credits through Topple Ad Network. Selected startups will work directly with Topple to launch their display and video campaigns across their vast digital advertising network until the initial credit has been exhausted. Please note that this award does not include the production of creative assets for the recipient’s digital advertising campaigns, although Ads for our Future may be able to refer selected startups to creative agencies or consultants who can design the advertising campaigns for them. 
  5. Sustainable Growth: By participating in the Ads for Equity program, startups can secure long-term advertising support that extends beyond a one-time funding injection. This enables sustainable growth for the startups and helps them navigate the challenges of marketing costs while establishing a stronger foothold in their respective industries.

"We're investing in our future by investing in revolutionary pre-IPO startups with digital advertising grants that can help them generate brand awareness, convert more customers, and generate buzz around future fundraising rounds."

– Brian Aitken, founder and Chairman of Ads for our Future

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